Lifestyle with Sustainable Chic: Peacock Store's Ethical Loungewear, Eco-Friendly  Stylish Kimonos

Lifestyle with Sustainable Chic: Peacock Store's Ethical Loungewear, Eco-Friendly Stylish Kimonos


Get ready for the new silk road of sustainable living with Peacock Store where elegance and sustainability are companions. Being ethical living supporters, we offer a range of sustainable cotton robes and pajamas, table mats, and ever now gorgeous kimonos, all in eco-friendly series for styling up your life without contributing to environmental pollution. Follow the guide and learn of sustainable chic and the vision to create both fashion and sustainability at the same time.


Sustainable Cotton Robes and Pajamas:

Shop for more comfortable wear with Less Guilt by choosing from our sustainable cotton collection of robes and pajamas. Using certified organic cotton, with the aim of being as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible, and using vegetable dyes to ensure our loose clothing sets are comfortable to wear while embodying style. Comfort meets sustainability wherever you are lounging – be it at home, in the evening after work, or in the early morning after waking up, with the use of Noblecouture robes and pajamas.
rustic theme and gives back nothing but the good to your earth.


Luxurious and Sustainable Robes | Eco-Friendly Comfort | Peacock StoreLuxurious and Sustainable Robes | Eco-Friendly Comfort | Peacock Store

Pajama Set Mara: Cozy Cotton CollectionPyjama Bubbles Set

Stylish Kimonos for Every Occasion:

Say it with style in our eco-kimonos, which add to our ever-growing line of organic fabrics designs. Using only eco-friendly fabrics and employing artistic hand prints, our kimonos are thus giving the taste of comfort in fashion along with sustainability. Our kimonos are ideal for various occasions – from a casual day at home to a walk around the city or a formal event; thus, the accessories are the best way to express your environmental friendliness as a wearer while making a chic statement.

 Blue Dimension RobeDeep Night Ikat

Sustainability Beyond Fashion:

This luxury store is not limited to the fashion feather and the latest fashion craze because Sustainability has changed to be among the core Values of Peacock Store. Moreover, we guarantee to protect the environment around our store and also give our support to charity and community service tasks. They include planting trees activities organized in form of events and campaigns or even cleaning campaigns in different learning institutions in the community, we work hard in an aim of creating a change in this world and making people understand the importance of changing their lives and joining our efforts.

Country mood Robe-ShortPyjama Afro Mood Set

Join the Sustainable Chic Movement:

Discover how Peacock Store offers a perfect mixture of comfort and beauty along with offering only ethical outfits including but not limited to leisurewear, home accessories from global and local stores, and stunning kimonos. Spreading the word of sustainable fashion and living, transform your outlook with new conscious products: But the phrase of three adjectives describing it is simple, stylish, and sustainable. Take your well paid seat now and join the onboard being to bring about the responsible change in the world to the next generations.


Understanding Sustainable Fashion: Benefits and Importance

Eco-fashion, or any fashion that is green in nature, is therefore not just a fad concept especially in the creative industry – ‘Oh, it’s just another ‘ Flavor of the month ‘ – but a revolution with numerous and highly positive effects to the society and the environment. Here's why it matters:

Environmental Conservation:
Since sustainable fashion embraces the arrangements of the fabrics and the process of creating fashion products in a sustainable approach, therefore reducing the extent that fashion industries affect the environment, as well as embracing equal conservation of natural resources as well as the ecosystems.

Waste Reduction:

Another concern that sustainable fashion manages to cover is that it helps with circular economy measures bearing in mind that the wearing of clothes involves the reusing, repairing, and recycling processes. This reduces wastage and the speed at which various products are taken to the landfills is greatly slowshed.

Ethical Labor Practices:

The other aspect is that sustainable fashion enhances environmental conservation, entails proper working conditions, wages for nice garment workers, and other human rights for a more social justice perspective.

Community Empowerment:

This is because working with indigenous craftsmen and the tribal people of that country helps in the respect or the cultural values of that particular country, and the door for carrying out income generating activities is opened hence giving the less privileged people of that country a voice.

Healthier Products:

Eco friendly or green fabrics and dyes processing also benefits the consumers and producers in that they cannot come into direct contact with toxic chemicals used in the clothing processing.

Consumer Awareness:

Sustainable fashion is a way of making the consumers aware of the effects of fashion products and thereby empowering them through right choices and encouraging them to bring changes to the process.

This means that fashion consumption is made responsible, and consumers will be in a position to embrace a life without the various vices that are brought about by the many uses of clothes. 
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