About Us

For the love of Handmade

An explorer at heart and poet by soul, Peacock was founded by Ekta G Nef, a slow fashion and lifestyle brand with sustainability at core. Her passion for sustainable and handmade textiles led to the creation of her label.

The prints, weaves and designs are inspired by the beautiful nature and chaos of living. There is always some movement in stillness. The timeless, ready to wear dresses and loungewear are created to mix and match. Be it a bright day or gray day, there is comfort and style to be found in soft and eco-friendly fabrics.

Finding joy in the smallest things is what the philosophy of the label is. Live, Love & Laugh

Peacock is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of craftsmen, artisans and preserving the centuries old craft traditions with focus on sustainability.

By sourcing handwoven ikats or muslin from family based weavers or hand printed fabrics in eco-friendly dyes. Their commitment to assure fair wages, clean and safe environment for the workers is at utmost priority.

Enrich your style with Peacock.

Deep Night Ikat

Right Here by Dane Anthony

''Stop moving. Stand in
one place – this place.
Breathe slowly; in, then out. Repeat.

Repeat again. Let your
shoulders sink and relax. Unclench
your jaw; slowly close your eyes.

Listen for your heartbeat; really
listen. Feel it pulse in
your fingertips.

Lessen expectations. Under-do all your
efforts. Requisition the time
for your soul

to catch up. Lean
into the wind; feel it
like a tree and test the ground.

Learn to trust the resilience.
It would be treason
to move quickly – left or right –

from this place. It is alright to be exactly
what you are, who you are, where you are.
Right here, right now.''