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Ikat Mara Kimonos

Ikat Mara Kimonos

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Introducing the Ikat Mara Kimonos: Comfort and Style Handwoven with Precision

Craftsmanship: Embrace unparalleled comfort with our Ikat Mara Kimonos, meticulously handwoven in white and grey Ikat, exuding timeless sophistication.

Versatile Comfort Wear: Start your day in comfort and style with these kimonos, featuring pockets, inner strings, and a belt for a secure tie, perfect for a weekend getaway or relaxed moments at home.

Handwoven Excellence: Crafted with precision, each kimono showcases the artistry of handwoven Ikat, blending traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Swiss Design, Indian Craftsmanship: Designed in Switzerland and expertly crafted in India, these kimonos represent a harmonious fusion of global aesthetics and skilled craftsmanship.

Fair Trade Commitment: Proudly Fair Trade certified, these kimonos are ethically produced, ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices throughout the production process.


  • Max. Length: Short (91cm), Long (130cm)
  • Width: 144cm
  • Shoulder + Arm: 62cm
  • Belt Length: 198cm
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